Thursday, May 13, 2010

Months 5, 6 , & 7

Landon may look happy in this one, but he throws an all out fit when his apple strawberry is all gone.  He even shakes in between bites he love it so much; it's hilarious
If he already eats Fun Dips, then cookies n' cream suckers are definitely not off limits
...or even cookies themselves
Umm, can we say spoiled?
(First Easter)
Don't ask how we were able to get him to keep that thing on
Somebody got a toy for being so brave after his first series on shots (poor little legs)
Cailin, Landon, & Kate all kickin' it on our California vacation
Real serious.
Landon super duper excited to go watch the COD baseball game with Grandpa Dave
Raphael Nadal warming up for for the Paribas National Bank Open.  The tennis tourney made the trip down to Cali that much more fun.  Thanks for the tickets Dad!
Dad with his little grand son in the new training room!
Love this picture
The two cousins.  Gotta love Kate's wolverine hair.  We miss you guys
This was the only picture I could find of Paige with her eye's semi-open.  Darn flash
Our first night in Palm Desert, you'll notice the beautiful palm trees
Landon won't sleep without being wrapped in his snuggie
Landon in his Libra shirt: "Ideal of peace, balance and harmony in all life"
...not sure I buy into the zodiac bit
Al Borland?
After hanging at the arcade, Landon came away with a Christopher Robin doll.  I always thought he was kinda gay and sissy, but it was the easiest to grab with the mechanical claw 

Chadders.  Almost as good as In-N-Out
Wait, is that a popped collar?

Nighty night time : )

Pimp.  Yes, still rockin' the Sperry's 

The whole family after church

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Months 3 & 4

On our way out the door and off to church!
Gotta love the Speerys shoes
What??  I like Fun Dips just like the rest of you : )
Landon falling asleep to new shiny Christmas present right along side of the crib
Very recent pictures taken portraying his actual size to date
Umm yea...I think the last time we weighted him he was push 16 lbs
Not too happy; still cute
Little half-way naked boy
This is a rare shot of Landon smiling as he hates to be on his tummy. 
Just being cute and clean after a bath 
"Ok mom and dad, I'm ready to go to In-N-Out"
Sleeping with his friend Mr Lamb and new addition of My Bunny given him from Holly & Family.  Thanks you guys!!  He loves him!!!
Need we say much about how this one turned out?
Mommy flipping baby's hair up in the front like daddy's

This one Landon is thinking like, "what do you want from me".
We may have gotten this shirt from wouldn't surprise me.  Love it.
Dad's precautionary measures taken when he had pneumonia

Landon & Asher playing

Mommy loves me so much that she got me a guitar, so I try and play at least several times a week to get good and not let the money spent go to waste
Please just pass this photo by.  We all agree that we look like wildebeests.  It was the only one we had that first Christmas morning of all three of us together.  
Lando's attempt at opening gifts at 2 1/2 months
He didn't have trouble grasping candy canes

We both just love these little cute pictures
Christmas Eve 
These next few pictures display our trip down to Temple Square and the -10 degree weather that we endured...It would be more than fair to say that the parents complained much more than Landon did.  Look out Ainsley, my temple picture above could  definitely be calendar worthy
Someone else obviously took this one.  
Ange just being her beautiful self
Christmas Eve before reading in the book of Luke.  A new "but really old" Dave Anderson tradition passed along

Anderson's should understand this pic if they pay close attention

How do you Christmas shop for yourself at 3 months?
Some how he pulled it off 

This picture below can be looked at as a beautiful Christmas tree during the Holiday Seasons...
On the other hand, it strongly resembles of a former worldly vice of mine due to the distortion of the camera.  Humm... interesting.