Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Month 2

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?
On my tummy where I usually chill to rid myself of the awful hick-ups

Daddy with baby after a long day of work
Family picture taken at the Texas Roadhouse for Ange's Birthday... yummy!

Somebody looks super content to be out to dinner on her special day with her family... OR is it the diet coke with lemon???
Come to find out Landon LOVES balloons
... I mean, we couldn't get him to let go of 'em!

Daddy's new favorite.  He looks identical to Pat when he was a baby...wouldn't you agree Carol?

We're not certain, but pictures strongly suggests a very uncomfortable and lip-biting & frequency painful of pushes to get his #2 out...LOL!  Hope I'm not  a bad father for laughing: )  

Thanksgiving dinner at the Chinese Buffet.  I think baby's face best depicts mow much we enjoyed their turkey... "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!" (National Lampoon's X-mas Vacation)

Landon can't sleep at night with out his little lamb in his crib with him to play sounds of rain
Even Cuter...!!

Check out my  tubby lil' belly
Seems to me that baby isn't quite cut out for 6 hrs of football yet