Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby's First Few Days

First pee-pee after circumcision.  My boy does tricks landing urine directly in the trash can on the floor! 
And... after. Thanks for the swing Sharlie; you don't even know the Lifesaver its been already!
You know this little one WILL be watchin' some Cops on TV
Check out the comparison of his little body to the couch!

In his car seat
Going home
A personal favorite of ours and Kim's

Proud daddy

Not only is Landon innately adorable, but what matching and style!!
The nursery made him this fancy name tag

So sweet...
Is that what I think?... Yea, I'm certain that's a smile out of baby on day one
Getting dressed for the day
Baby Landon (notice exhausted & sleepy Pat in the background)  I love this pic!

Friends Asher and Landon
Bright eyes

Patrick's all time favorite picture of little Landon

This is what takes place when he doesn't want anyone taking photos of him 

We call this one Big Foot, I mean can you believe the size of those huge hands & feet?!

Immediately after being born
7.8 pounds
I think this picture goes down in history as our first official family photo
Roughly 1 minute old newborn Landon
A little extra pre-birth support 
Paige & Ange beforehand
Actual size of the epidural needle 

Flowers sent with love from Thea & James and family.
Pat being dumb
Angela also being dumb and thoroughly confused at what the heck these things are
An exciting day long since awaited 
Mom and dad very happy yet not knowing what a treat we were both in for 
Delivery room